Friday, June 10, 2005

Why NASCAR doesn't suck?

Some people are not fans of NASCAR, I am referring to the comments left to me by my former friend, DC on my last post. However, I happen to disagree and since all my buddies in the blogoshpere make lists, I wanted to give the top reasons as to why NASCAR doesn't suck.

1. NASCAR Rules cause I said so!!!

That is all you need to know. Where else can you see over 40 cars battle it out going speeds of 200 mph inches apart from one another; if they make just one wrong move then they will smash into the wall or another car. Maybe, I just like it so much because I am a redneck at heart and us rednecks must stick together, because a redneck without NASCAR is a just a guy with a number painted on his gut.

Please let me know how you feel about this national pastime, yes NASCAR is the true national pastime contrary to popular opinion that Baseball is the national pastime. Those sissy could handle two laps at 200 mph. Oh, and DC, I got nothing but love for ya.


dc said...

It is nationally past-time for NASCAR to go away. NASCAR sucks again. Its all so round about. Its repetitive. Its circular. Its crap. They need some hot women in it. Danica sucks.
But if you're a redneck, its pretty much all you've got. That and minor league wrestling at the National Guard Armory on Thursday nights.
Love ya bro.

J&A said...

B-We're with you! NASCAR rules. Maybe we are rednecks as well... We're not ashamed. We were trying to figure out DC's comment - to qualify a sport as "not sucking" you "need some hot women in it"??? Sounds pretty redneck to us!!! Thanks for keeping us up to "speed" on the standings. We miss you guys like DEI misses Victory Lane! J&A