Tuesday, June 28, 2005

NASCAR Sends A Strong Message

As most of you know I am a huge fan of NASCAR and occasionally I like to blog about it. There is a story I have been following in the news recently about Shane Hmiel, who raced in the NASCAR Busch Series. He tested positive in May 2004 for illegal drugs for the second time. The final word on his suspension has been handed down today. He will have to sit out the rest of this season and next season. He must also enter a treatment program. In 2007 NASCAR will review his progress in the program and decide whether or not he will be able to return.

This type of suspension sends a strong message to drivers. If they use any illegal drugs, they will be punished harshly. Shane has had to pay and will pay dearly for his poor choice. He will have sat out over two season, which will have cost him thousands and thousands of dollars in income, endorsements and sponsorship. If the other sporting leagues such at the NBA, NHL, and especially the MLB could learn anything from this, it would have to be that they must deal with drug use strictly and swiftly. Drugs are not a wide spread problem in NASCAR because of the strict policies, it just isn't worth sitting out two seasons to most drivers.

However, harsh NASCAR is in the suspension they are really trying to help Shane by making him enter into a treatment program. Now is the time for fans not to judge him, but rather come around him and support him. As a Christian, I intent to pray for him; my hope is that he will find the only person that can bring true healing, Jesus.

announcement of Suspension -Fanball.com June 28th
AP Sports Story - June 22nd
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