Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Korean Baby Sings the Beatles!

I am a huge Beatles fan and when I saw this I thought it was hilarious. Maybe instead of Asian Elvis impersonators we can have Asian Beatles impersonators.

korean baby singing hey jude

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I just picked up Run Kid Run's new album "Love at the Core". They are the best Christian band that no one listens to. Their last album was awesome. I just started listening to this one but it sounds like good stuff. They sound somewhat like Hawk Nelson or Relient K, but they are different. They seem to me more complex, deeper is some way. Anyway, check them out here.

I also got Josh Wilson's new album. I have followed this guy for a couple of years. I say him a conference for students at Southern Seminary. I really enjoyed his album Shake the Shadows. It was really funky and sort of bluesy indie album. It was different from any other Christian album. This new album sounds good, but seems more commercial. It doesn't have as much funk so far. I haven't listened to it all yet. I try to judge each album separately. It is definitely worth checking out. Find Josh here.

Internet Discrimination

Recently I passed out a flyer for an event at church. The event was not at our church and directions would have been difficult to explain on the flyer. So, rather brilliantly I thought, directed the students to our church website for directions. I thought to myself, job well done! Until a student came to me yesterday and ask for directions for several of his friends that didn't have the Internet. WHAT! Doesn't have the Internet? My brain couldn't comprehend. I had operated under the assumption that only a few people in the US didn't have the Internet, like 1% or something like that. To my surprise it seems a lot of Americans don't have the Internet. I couldn't find any stats on Internet usage in the US, but I think it is a lot more than I used to think. When I passed out that flyer I committed discrimination by Internet. I assumed all student have the Internet and they don't. I can't really relate to that now. I used to know what that was like because I grew up without the Internet in my home until I was 13 or 14. I guess over the years I have become an Internet snob assuming that everyone is like me. Well, no more I not will make that assumption any longer. I will however continue to support our website and direct students there I will just have some printed directions also.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Jealous Kind"

I was going through my ipod to try and find something to listen to and thought I would shuffle all the songs by Jars of Clay. I hadn't listened to them in a really long time, after a couple of songs "Jealous Kind" came on which made me pause and think. This song is so good and it reminds me of how much God loves me and how much he hates sin. It is such an insult for us to chose sin over Jesus who loves us so much. Here are the lyrics, also here is the song from take a listen.

"Jealous Kind" by Jars of Clay
I built another temple to a stranger
I gave away my heart to the rushing wind
I set my course to run right into danger
Sought the company of fools instead of friends

You know I've been unfaithful
Lovers in lines
While you're turning over tables with the rage of a jealous kind
I chose the gallows to the aisle
Thought that love would never find
Hanging ropes will never keep you
And your love of a jealous kind
Love of a jealous kind

Trying to jump away from rock that keeps on spreading
For solace in the shift of the sinking sand
I'd rather feel the pain all too familiar
Than to be broken by a lover I don't understand
'Cause I don't understand

One hundred other lovers, more, one hundred other altars
If I should slow my pace and finally subject me to grace
And love that shames the wise, betrays the heart's deceit and lies
And breaks the back of foolish pride

Friday, April 11, 2008

AT&T Billing Problem, Check your bill!

If you are an AT&T customer make sure to check your bill. It seems that for the past year AT&T has had a billing error on my bill that they and I were unaware of. I signed up last March for a special that included phone, dsl, and dish service for a good price. They gave me the basic Satellite package free for one year if I signed up for two years. It was a very good deal. Well, my first year was up so I expected my bill to go up a little once the dish was added back on, but I was shocked this month when I bill went up almost $80. We immediately called and found out that AT&T had not been charging me for dsl for the past year. Some how in my package I had been getting dsl and dish for free. So they decided to make up for some of the lost money and triple charged me this month (once for next month and two for previous months). I looked back at last months bill and they double charged me. I could not believe it. I asked the customer service rep. if this has been a problem with a lot of customers and he said it has. I suggest that everyone that has AT&T service check you bill. I guess they have the right to back charge me and I will pay the bill, but it just seems wrong to back charge me for four months all because they messed up. A supervisor is supposed to call me and I am going to see what he can do, but I doubt they will drop any of the charges. I will probably end up eating it.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring is Here!

Top signs that spring is here:

1. Cubs are playing baseball (and doing not so bad 4-3)

2. It is time to mow the grass (ugh!)

3. It is time to get out and swing the golf clubs. (I played to day and did terrible, but I had fun)

I love spring and am glad winter is over. Even if it means yard work, I still loving getting to be outside. I don't realize how much I miss it until it is January and the novelty of winter has warn off. Enjoy your spring and go Cubs!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


After a rough start the Chicago Cubs win one game out of there opening series against the Brewers. The brewers are a tough team; the Cubs battle against them last year for the NL Central division title. Today, everything clicked. They were fielding good, they were hitting good, and Dempster pitched a good game. I am glad to him back in the starting rotation and even more glad to see Wood closing. Even though they lost the first two, the baseball season is very long so I am not worried. I think they have a real shot at making a run for the NL playoffs and maybe even the NL Championship. We will have to wait and see. GO CUBS!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Should We Use Violent Video Games in Youth Ministry?

Should Christians Use Violent Video Games to Lure Teens to Christ? by Hannah Elliot

This is a very interesting debate. I don't know where I stand on this yet. I have used things like this in the past and actually am considering using Halo3 and Guitar Hero as a station at an upcoming all-nighter. I know both views, one saying we should use whatever we can to reach students. The other side says, "What you win them with is what you win them to." I don't even know if there is a right or wrong answer, I think is comes down to personal choice and of course if your church would approve of it or not. It is not worth losing your job over. What would you do?

How Stupid Are April Fool's Jokes?

Okay, enough with the April fools jokes. From now on, lets just assume what every anyone says on April 1st is false. Yesterday, I watched one of my favorite shows PTI on ESPN; Tony and Michael tried to get people to believe that the NCAA ruled that Kansas and Davidson would replay the last 16 seconds of their game last weekend because a play should have fouled. I believed this for a few seconds, but then found it to be too crazy even for the NCAA. My wife on the other hand, believed it for the full 1 min. and 30 seconds they talked about the story. Here is the video.

I also received an email about Google's new free TiSP (Toilet Internet Service Provider). Now we all know Google is notorious for April fool's jokes and hoaxes (here is a list). I like a joke as good as the next person, but come on, don't you think it is time to end the April Fool's Jokes. They are corny and predictable. Okay, enough, I just had to get that off my chest.