Friday, April 11, 2008

AT&T Billing Problem, Check your bill!

If you are an AT&T customer make sure to check your bill. It seems that for the past year AT&T has had a billing error on my bill that they and I were unaware of. I signed up last March for a special that included phone, dsl, and dish service for a good price. They gave me the basic Satellite package free for one year if I signed up for two years. It was a very good deal. Well, my first year was up so I expected my bill to go up a little once the dish was added back on, but I was shocked this month when I bill went up almost $80. We immediately called and found out that AT&T had not been charging me for dsl for the past year. Some how in my package I had been getting dsl and dish for free. So they decided to make up for some of the lost money and triple charged me this month (once for next month and two for previous months). I looked back at last months bill and they double charged me. I could not believe it. I asked the customer service rep. if this has been a problem with a lot of customers and he said it has. I suggest that everyone that has AT&T service check you bill. I guess they have the right to back charge me and I will pay the bill, but it just seems wrong to back charge me for four months all because they messed up. A supervisor is supposed to call me and I am going to see what he can do, but I doubt they will drop any of the charges. I will probably end up eating it.

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