Saturday, January 24, 2009

Goodbye Coach Dungy

I have taken sometime to digest and think about Coach Dungy's retirement before I wrote anything. How do you say goodbye to the classiest man in professional football. He has been an inspiration to many including me. I was inspired by his book to be a better man and better father. I know the reason he is retiring now is to be an even better husband and father, which makes me admire him more. He understands that football is just a job and he can walk away anytime for something more important, not many coaches understand that. The simple way he talked and the way he never got out of control on the sidelines, the way his players look up to him, and the other coaches he has turned out are all thinks that I admire about him. While I wish he was staying on to coach another year, I understand. If I had the opportunity to spend more time with my family I would not pass it up. He truly is the best coach, in my opinion. Also, in my opinion he is one of the only coaches that didn't cut corners or bend the rules, which is another reason I respect him.

Coach, I am going to miss you!!!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Starting the New Year Off Right

I am on break from seminary right now, so it is great just to be working and doing family stuff. Plus I get to do other stuff like watch all three season so Arrested Development (Awesome). Don't get me wrong I love seminary but the break is super nice. I could feel my stress level decrease as soon as I finished my last final.

I have been able to watch a lot of my favorite sport lately, but it hasn't been all good. My colts lost to San Diego and I finished 3rd in my fantasy league. I used to hate the Patriots but I moving more to hating San Diego. I still can't believe an 8-8 team with a terrible quarterback beat us. Oh, well what are you gonna do. Anyway, just wanted to post something. I am going to try like last year and post at least once a week.