Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Starting the New Year Off Right

I am on break from seminary right now, so it is great just to be working and doing family stuff. Plus I get to do other stuff like watch all three season so Arrested Development (Awesome). Don't get me wrong I love seminary but the break is super nice. I could feel my stress level decrease as soon as I finished my last final.

I have been able to watch a lot of my favorite sport lately, but it hasn't been all good. My colts lost to San Diego and I finished 3rd in my fantasy league. I used to hate the Patriots but I moving more to hating San Diego. I still can't believe an 8-8 team with a terrible quarterback beat us. Oh, well what are you gonna do. Anyway, just wanted to post something. I am going to try like last year and post at least once a week.

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