Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I just picked up Run Kid Run's new album "Love at the Core". They are the best Christian band that no one listens to. Their last album was awesome. I just started listening to this one but it sounds like good stuff. They sound somewhat like Hawk Nelson or Relient K, but they are different. They seem to me more complex, deeper is some way. Anyway, check them out here.

I also got Josh Wilson's new album. I have followed this guy for a couple of years. I say him a conference for students at Southern Seminary. I really enjoyed his album Shake the Shadows. It was really funky and sort of bluesy indie album. It was different from any other Christian album. This new album sounds good, but seems more commercial. It doesn't have as much funk so far. I haven't listened to it all yet. I try to judge each album separately. It is definitely worth checking out. Find Josh here.

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