Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Thoughts from the SBC Convention - Day 3

Today at the SBC convention was very different, there was less preaching so far, and more business. I stayed in the convention hall for a little while, I have never been to the convention so I didn’t know what to expect. During one point people are allowed to make motions that will direct the SBC to make certain policies or take certain actions if they are approved. For instance, one man made a motion that we send a letter to the Disney Corporation to formally end the boycott. Ok, wait a minute, I thought we already ended the boycott; I guess I was too busy riding Space Mountain. On a side note I think the opportunity for everyone to speak and make a motion is a great idea, you will of course get the crazy people, but everyone in the SBC no matter how big or small has a voice.

Anyway, after I left the convention, I went over to the exhibit hall and ran into a host of people I knew. This seems to be the social meeting place, I say Seminary Buddies, College Buddies, Mentors, Old Professors, and even people from the two other churches I have been a member of during my younger days. I also saw many booths and displays; some of the highlights are of course the massive LifeWay store which is displaying a new communications tool for small groups, mybiblestudy.com. Also, I learned that Media Shout has just come out with v.3, which I am very excited about. I stopped by the Southern’s booth and talked to few people. I didn’t understand what was up with Southwestern and Southeastern. Southwestern looks like it is recruiting for the army rather than a seminary and Southeastern seems more like a zoo, because it had animal displays of live monkeys and condors. Well, I guess we all know where the real learning institution is located. Tonight I am returning to the convention to see what big issues come up, I am waiting with baited breath for the public school issue, stay tuned for more updates.

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