Saturday, June 25, 2005

Kudos to Yahoo, Pepsico, State Farm, and Georgia-Pacific

On Friday Yahoo shut down all the chat rooms that were created by its users, because some people were using them to seduce children. PepsiCo, State Farm, and Georgia-Pacific started this move after they dropped advertising with Yahoo because of nature of some of the chat rooms; one title was "Girls 13 Years Old and Under for Older Guys". I gotta say, that is disgusting. But I am very proud of Yahoo, even though it was because they were going to lose money, for shutting these chat rooms down. Yahoo still maintains the chat rooms that it started and continues to monitor them, but all user started chat rooms are deleted. It is unclear whether or not this feature will return. I for one am glad to see this happen, I understand everyone's right to freedom on the internet and blah, blah, blah, but when a 12 year old girl was molested and had pictures circulated in these chat rooms something must happen. I for one am for complete censorship of the internet like TV or movies. Thank you to these companies that stood up and said we will not support this junk on the net. Read the LA Times article here.

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dc said...

yahoo for yahoo. the internet kinda disturbs me sometimes. i used to do the chat room thing back in the day whhen it was still cool, and it freaked me out back then. i think it was a good move on the part of yahoo and a wise business decision. but it is a shame it took a loss of profit for them to crack down on illegal and abusive activities.