Thursday, June 02, 2005

Biblical Stewardship

I know that I have been out of it for a while, our church has been focusing on teaching stewardship. This has taken up most of my time. I have written a couple of small articles for our stewardship newsletter. I have included one of them below:

The idea of God calling on his people to make sacrificial offerings is not a new idea. Throughout the Bible we see God asking more from people than they are humanly willing to give. The biggest example of this is found in Genesis 22. Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son, Isaac, on an alter. Abraham, though reluctant to do the task was going to go through with it. God was testing Abraham, he was asking for his most prized possession. God stopped Abraham just short of taking his sons life, but this does not negate the fact that Abraham was willing to give his son as a sacrifice to God.
This Stewardship of Life Campaign is all leading up to June 5th when the members of CAF are going to be challenged to give sacrificially to God’s plan for our church.. Much in the same way God called on Abraham, I believe he is calling on our church to make a sacrifice for him. During this campaign, Kristi and I have prayed about our involvement. We feel that this is a test of our faith. Do we trust God enough to rely on him for our needs? As we made our pledge we prayerfully asked God to bless it. We believe that together as our church trusts God, we will see a mighty work done here.

Check out our stewardship campaign website:

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