Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thoughts from the SBC Convention - Day 4

Today was the last day of the convention, we decided to leave the convention early and not stay for he last session on Wednesday night, but the day was not without it's share of "exciting" events. During the morning session, the messengers passed all the resolutions. This included the "controversial" public school resolution that was not as controversial as we were lead to believe. Basically it instructs parents to investigate its own school system for a homosexual agenda in the curriculum. This resolution is not dangerous by itself, but it can lead to future resolutions that instruct parents to leave the public schools. Also, a resolution was passed to end the boycott of Disney, which again I must say I didn't know we were still doing. So all of you mouse loving SBC member can come out from hiding.

After the first session, I had the pleasure of attending the Southern Seminary luncheon. The food was ok and Dr. Mohler talked about all the changes and great things about the seminary. The highlight, was seeing all of my old professors and friends from Seminary. After the luncheon we decided to head home, I guess I will just have to be content to watch Dr. Draper on the internet.

Overall the convention was good, there were great speakers, boring business sessions, and great reconnections with old friends. I hope to see many of you in Greensboro next year. Check out Steve McCoy and Justin Sok for some good blogging about the convention.

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Anonymous said...

On the whole Joel Osteen thing, i think that he is a man of God and that he does preach the word. Yeah sometimes he makes it seem like hes wanting to please to many people but i think that he is just trying to not make anybody feel uncomfortable. Hes trying to let others know that we are all sinners and that it is by grace that we are saved, not one sin is more than another. But yes, there is a line when it comes to making people feel comfortable and speaking the whole truth. All im trying to say is that i think that he is doing God's will and leading others to christ, God will bless him for his efforts(matt. 5:11).
Bryan, i know you very well, better than you think. I am not as well educated as you and am still in college but i do know that when people get all upedy about little deals like this it causes other people to stumble. On the contrary i love your website and plan to visit it again in the future.