Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lost Season 4 Episode 5 "The Constant" Reaction

I took me while to break down this episode (I had to watch it twice). I have read some other reviews and they thought the same thing I did; that this episode was something straight out of the Back to the Future Trilogy. I did not see the whole time travel thing coming. They eluded to the whole time gap last week and Daniel was so adamant that the helicopter pilot stay on course that I new something was going to happen. I didn't expect Des to freak out and forget who everyone was and really didn't expect him to start jumping through time.

I was very excited to to see the boat this week. I wasn't quite what I expected, it resembled a broke down junker rather than the Q. E. II. The crew members on the boat and doctor on the boat give me the creeps. It seems everyone knows what is going on expect for us and the people for the plane crash. I am getting sick of all the weird glances. I am glad that back on the beach Jack finally took control and got some information out of them. They new about the time problem. That must be why the island is so hard to find. We still don't know why time is messed up.

The whole time warp thing was very interesting and gave us some more information on Des. By the way he has become one of my favorite characters, I really want him and Penny to get together. Is it just me or this show going even more Sci-fi than ever before. Anyway, I liked the whole interplay between Des and Daniel in the present and in the past. But one thing bugs me, Daniel says you can't change the future, but why didn't he remember Des from 1996. Does he have problem or is memory messed up (Remember they were doing a memory test on the beach in the last episode)? I also remember the doctor says that Daniel "...can't even help himself." All of this leads me to believe that Daniel has a problem, maybe a time problem of his own or maybe from all that radiation he was exposed to in 1996 (Des commented that he didn't wear anything to protect his head), it doesn't seem to be affecting his brain function. However, if you allow me to skip to the end, Daniel found that he wrote that Des was his constant (The constant being that anchor that helps one trapped in the time warp to have a source that brings them to reality).

All that is interesting, but not near as interesting as why Penny's dad wanted the first mates journal to the boat of the Black Rock. If you remember the boat was found inland on the island a couple of seasons ago. I think it is the boat that the science teacher was blown up by the dynamite. Mr. Whitmore must be trying to find the island in 1996. My own personal theory is that the boat that the "rescue team" is from is Mr. Whitmore's boat. Mr. Whitmore must have hired that guy that visited Hurly in the loony bin to find the island, so he asembled a team to find it. Why does he want to find the island? The communication officer, George, said before he died that Penny called the boat a lot but they did not anwser the call because they were instructed not to, like whoever told them not answer the call new who she was and what she wanted.

One random thought, who is the captain? Why didn't the captain know that the communications equipment had be sabotaged? Well, at least we know that Penny know that Des is alive and that she is going to intensify he search. Does he get rescued? I hope so. This is getting rather long and confusing, I am sure I left something out, but oh well all will be revealed eventually. By the way, this season so far is the best since the first season.

Next week, I hope we find out more about the boat people, I also want to know what happened to the others and where is this temple. I think we get to see a new Dharma station, oh joy.

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