Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lost Season 4 Episode 7 "Ji Yeon" Reaction

This episode was okay, it had a lot of fluff in it, but also had some very good answers to some very old questions. I am sure that a whole lot more question about the future are coming. But for now, I am very happy. I will start with the flash-foward

Tonight we were treated to both a flash forward and flashback at the same time. Sneaky, sneaky Lost writers. They started with Sun being at home getting ready to go out and she starts having pain, she calls the ambulance. This was a flash-forward as we see that she is extremely pregnant. Then we also see Jin trying to buy a giant Panda for what we assume to be his baby. Some of this seems to be time filler, he loses the giant Panda and his mobile phone is run over. He then pays a lot for a replacement Panda that is on hold for another customer. We then see Sun back in the deliver room where she is in pain and is screaming for Jin. Jin finally arrives at his destination, it was the hospital, but we find out that it is actually a flash-back. I was really confused a this point, but apparently the Panda was for a business client and Jin was just making a delivery. He tells the nurse on the way out that he has only been married for two months. Sun has the baby which by the way looked very realistic. It was all a little confusing, but all is cleared up on the final flash-forward when Sun is alone her apartment, when Hurley arrives. He ask "Is anyone else coming?", Sun answers "no". They then take the baby to the cemetery where I assume they are at Jin's grave (It was in Korean). So that was the big twist, Jin dies or so we are led to believe. I have read other places that the date on the tomb stone was 9/24/04 which is the date of the crash. My theory is that it is an old tomb stone erected after the fake crash but before Sun is rescued. So how does Jin die and when? Time will tell. Just to summarize Jin was in a flash-back where nothing really important happened and Sun was in a flash-forward where we learn she is one of the Oceanic Six, she has a healthy baby, and Jin dies at some point.

On the Island
So we find the "Losties" on the Island, bored as usual. Sun takes on the investigative role and starts to question Kate about what happened last episode (if only she had the Internet and a computer she could read my blog). She then goes to confront Daniel. Finally someone is asking direct questions. She asks him if they are going to rescue them. Even though she asks a direct question she does not get a direct answer. Daniel says its not up to him, which is probably true. Sun loses confidence in the "boat people" and wants to leave for Locke's compound. Juliet finds out that they are going to leave and tries to talk Sun out of it, but Sun is not persuaded. Sun and Jin start to take off and Juliet stops them by telling Jin that Sun had an affair. It is surprising to me that four months ago (in Lost time) that Jin couldn't speak any English, but now he seems to understand it very well. I took four years of Spanish in school and I don't remember anything. Anyway, Jin is upset and is consoled on a fishing trip and he forgives Sun, they make up. It is a happy ending and they decide to stay because if Sun does not leave the Island in three weeks she is going to die. I can already see it now, she will not leave until the last minute before she is going to die.

Locke's Compound
They didn't show the compound this week. I am sure they are doing normal compound stuff. Like playing horseshoes, skinning rabbits, and sticking grenades in the hostage's mouths. By the way what happened to Miles, did he blow up yet?

On the Boat
It starts out with Frank (the helicopter pilot) bringing Desmond and Sayid some canned food claiming that they are having problems in the kitchen. The women guarding the door is acting funny, a little crazy maybe. While locked up they get a note warning them not to trust the captain. Who is the captain? Well we finally get to meet him. But just before two very important things happen. One, Frank has taken the Helicopter out on an "errand". The doctor indicates that he has gone to the island, so I wonder how long it will take him to get there. Second, the lady that guarding the door commits suicide by jumping into the ocean will heavy chains on. The crew doesn't hardly seem to notice and while Des and Sayid are freaking out the captain appears and calms them down. I don't see what is so bad about Captain Gault. Everyone seems to be afraid to make him mad. Though I don't see why they kept him a secret so long, it is not like he is some past character or some famous actor. Anyway, Gault takes Des and Sayid and shows them a black box from the fake crash of "Oceanic 815". He tells them that this is Charles Widmore's boat, which causes Des to go "hmmmm". He also tells them that the reason they are looking for Ben is to find out why the crash was staged and where he got all those bodies from. As if Ben had anything to do with the crash, not little ol' Ben, he is as harmless as a flea. The Doc then takes Des and Sayid down stairs to their new quarters where their is a fresh blood splatter on the wall. It seems that the crew members are going insane and committing suicide. Captain Gault thinks it is because they are stuck so close to the island (some one has been sabotaging things like the engines and the communication equipment). The Doc then calls over "Kevin" to clean up the mess. "Kevin" turns out the Micheal. Remember him from a couple of season ago, when he and his son Walt made a deal with Ben and took off in a motor boat. It seems that Michael's freedom had some strings attached. We also assume the Michael is Ben's inside man. So that is the big secret that I called last week. Not really, I read it on a spoiler site.

Questions and Next Episode
One major question is how did Michael get on the boat? And where is Walt? Is he Ben's hostage so Michael will do his bidding? Finally Where are Ben's people? I feel like I am the only one asking this question. What happened to Richard and the "others"? Next week (from the trailer) Michael gets beaten up by Sayid, who wants answers. We go back to the compound where is looked like Locke tells everyone that Michael is Ben's inside man and Sawyer isn't happy. It also seems like the "boat people" are packing some serious heat, does this spell trouble for the "Losties". And they promise that someone will die. Oh no, it will probably be some small character, like that guy with grenade in him mouth or maybe Locke makes up a special batch of Kool-aid for the compound to drink. Next week's episode is called"Meet Kevin Johnson" so it probably safe to assume that it focuses on Michael. Until next week...

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