Monday, March 03, 2008

The Political Landscape

About 3 years ago I gave up politics. I used to follow politics a lot; reading about it and listening to political radio. I was tired of all the compromise, the hopelessness of it all. It seems that all politicians only care about is themselves and their positions of power. So I gave it up.

Well, recently I have had a change of heart, sort of. I started to read more about politics and listen to more AM radio and the situation does not seem any better. I am having a huge problem with the political candidates. I am basically a what you would call a values voter. I care about the economy and foreign policy, but I care more about values (i.e. abortion, marriage, etc.) Because of this stance I don't like either of the democratic candidates and the republican candidate doesn't excited me very much. I really liked Huckabee, but it seems that it is mathematically impossible for him to win the GOP nomination.

So, what about this guy McCain. I don't know a lot about him, but I get the sense he is a very moderate. I don't think he will do anything to damage our current value system, but I don' t think he will do anything to improve it. There is a lot on the table with stem cell research, snowflake babies, abortion, gay marriage, etc. and I don't think he will further conservative causes.

So what is a conservative to do. Should I bite the bullet and vote for him? My options seem very limited. Any other conservatives out there struggling with the same thing I am? What are you going to do?

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