Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Indiana Baptist Evangelism Conference 2008 Columbus, IN

I just got back at midnight last night from the SCBI (State Convention of Baptist in Indiana) Evangelism Conference. They had a great line up this year, which included Ed Stetzer, Bobby Welch, and Johnny Hunt. Because I attend the various conventions and meetings I hear these guys usually at least once a year and I have to say these were the best messages I have heard from these guys. It might also have been the smaller arena. In the big conventions it is hard to feel connected, but in a sanctuary of 400 you feel more connected to the speaker.

Ed Stetzer was definitely my favorite speaker of the convention. He spoke on 2 Cor. 5:16-21. I want to give a full report on his sermon and how God spoke to my heart through his message. I don't have time to expound on it right now, but I will in another post. Bobby Welch was great. He pounded the pulpit and yelled "Pow" a lot. I didn't get a lot of notes from him, but his message was very good. He spoke on Romans 9:1-3.

Johnny Hunt's message was titled "What You Lose When You Leave" Rev. 2:1-7. I have heard this passage preached before, but Hunt explained it better than anyone else I have heard. He even gave a very good explanation of who the elusive Nicolatians were. He explained from his research in Ephesus and from other scholars that they were probably a group of Christians that were using the excuse of Christian liberty to sin. They claimed they could do these things because of "freedom in Christ" Oh, no not the freedom in Christ issue. It was funny because Johnny told us that his most requested sermon was on alcohol. My most read and commented on blog was about alcohol(post 1, post 2), what is with this issue that we like to discuss it so much. Anyway, the main point of the sermon was to encourage us to return to ministry that God first called us too. For instance in my life God called me to make a difference in the lives of students and train them to reach their friends. Often what happens is we get caught up in the business of church work and forget our first calling or "first love". He then gave eight things that we lose when we leave our "first love". Of course they are alliterated: Passion, Power, Purpose, Priority, Purity, Prudence, Perspective, and Perception. It was a very good message and caused me to think about my own ministry.

Over all the conference was great. It is good for me to go to these things from time to time. I don't know about you, but they really help me to get re-fired up. I really do get caught up in the "work" and forget about the reason for the "work". I was reminded that the most important thing we can do in ministry is reach people and train others to reach people.

If you are interested in hearing these message you are in luck. They did record them, however I forget the name of the company and the don't know the website. I will try to locate it over the next couple of days and post it when I talk about Ed's message.

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