Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hulu.com Launches Tommorrow

Recently people have been wanting more and more TV and movie content on the web. Apple has done a lot to bring this content to us for a small fee. ABC and CBS have free show on their sites, but they are annoying with the ads and the not-so-user-friendly players. Other sites are trying to do the same, but you still have to pay for it or you have to break the law to get the content. I am very excited about Hulu.com, which is joint venture between Fox, NBC, and Universal. They will offer TV shows and movies for FREE and it is completely legal. They launch tomorrow, but you can see some shows now on the websites.

I went to the site today and started to watch an episode of the Simpsons (It was the first show available on main page). When I clicked on the play button, the show came up really fast. They let me know that this show was sponsored by Taco Bell and was being shown with limited commercial interruption. After the shows theme song and credits there was a 15 second Taco Bell ad. The video was choppy. It started and stopped a lot, so I quit watching a few minutes in. The choppiness may be due to a crappy Internet connection. I am wireless and currently far away from the router. I getting a signal of 11Mbps. I am going to try it tomorrow closer to the router. Even with the small cliche, it looks amazing. All this content for free and it seems like the ad really aren't all that annoying. I know some will continue to buy and many will continue to steal, but this is a great option for those of us that cheap and addicted to TV.

Update: I went back and watched some SNL clips after the launch. I watched them on a better wifi connection (54 mbps) and it worked like a dream. They loaded and played fast. I am so stoked.

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