Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lost Season 4 Episode 6 "The Other Women" Reaction

This episode was amazing. I can not believe they let us know so much in one episode. First off I love getting to know more about "the others" lives before and after the crash. The flashbacks are back for now. We learned a lot about Juliet's life, after she was brought to the island she had to meet with a psychiatrist (Harper) who from the very beginning was jealous of her. It turns out that Juliet has an affair with Harper's husband Goodwin. Through all of this we found out that Harper didn't really care about the affair, she was just worried about Ben finding out and what he would do to Goodwin. It turns out that Ben has a major crush on Juliet (Harper mentions that Juliet looks like "her", we don't know who that is, but I assume it is Ben's former wife or girlfriend). Ben is really psycho over Juliet, he said "You are mine". Does anyone else think Ben is a stalker? Anyway, we already knew that Goodwin was sent to the tale section of the crash to act as a passenger. When Ana-Lucia discovered that he was an "other" she killed him. What we didn't know was the reaction of Juliet to this news. Again they bring up the whole baby-mother dying on the island thing. I think we are going to find out more about that next week. It seems imperative that Sun gets off the island soon.

Meanwhile, back on the island. They make you think that Daniel and Charlotte are bad and are going to kill everyone on the island. Somehow Ben has Harper track down Juliet and tells her that she must kill them to protect everyone. I wonder how Ben is getting these messages out, or did he have all this planned from the beginning? Harper said that Ben is right where he wants to be. It makes me wonder who is really in control, Ben wants everyone to think he is not in control, but I wonder. It turns out that Daniel and Charlotte are not bad, they make the station called the Tempest harmless. Apparently, this is how "the others" killed the Dharma people all those years ago, with some kind of gas and Dan was trying to render it harmless. He did and Jack and Juliet's faith was restored in the boat people.

Speaking of the boat people, I am curious about what happened to Miles, the last time we saw him he had a grenade in his mouth courtesy of Locke. We didn't get to see him this week, but it wasn't for lack of trying on Claire's part, she tried to convince Locke to take her to see Miles. She thought that she could persuade him with her sweetness rather than brute force. Locke of course refused and goes to talk to Ben, then comes the most interesting part of the whole episode. Ben and Locke make a deal that Locke will put Ben under a house arrest of sorts in exchange for what he knows about the boat people. It turns out that Charles Whitmore is behind the whole think. I think we all saw that coming after last weeks episode. Penny's dad is the one trying to find the island to "exploit it" or so Ben says. Ben has that "Red Sox" tape that has Whitmore beating up one of Ben's men. My first question is how did he get tape and who shot it? Also, is Ben a Red Sox fan? Probably, not because he taped over the game.

***Spoiler Alert*****
Anyway, for next week I am looking forward to seeing Sayid and Des on the boat. And we will get to find out who Ben's man is on the boat. From what I can piece together and from what I have read it is Michael. Yes, Michael the very same guy who took off in the motor boat with his son and we have not heard from them again (except in one of Locke's visions). I wonder though did they not have a problem leaving the island with all the time warp stuff going on. I guess Ben knows the secret. I think we will also find out next week that Sun and Jin are the final two in the Oceanic Six. As always, I am awaiting the return of "the others". At least we know that they are still following Ben's guidance and still on the island (Harper is proof of that). I am looking forward to Episode 7 Ji Yeon next week.

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