Friday, June 06, 2008

Resource Alert!

Have you ever been watching a movie that is pretty decent and then one cuss word ruins the movie for you? Then you need to check out the ClearPlay DVD player!

I had heard about the ClearPlay DVD player last year when they had a big promotion at Target stores. However, I didn't really take much notice. I started to check it out when I got a flyer in the mail at church. I went on the website and looked at the demo that they had and it looked really cool. Unlike Clean Movies or other similar (now illegal) websites which actually alter movie footage. You just select what movie you want to watch, then download a filter from the ClearPlay website and put it on a USB flash drive and then plug it into the DVD player and the player takes care of the rest. The guys over at clear play have cut out sex and nudity, language, and extreme violence by using the this filter system. Instead of changing the physical movie they just skip or mute all the offensive stuff.

I know what you thinking, the movie is really choppy, but it really isn't. Some one at our church had one and I borrowed it for our student lock-in. I was tired of renting G rated movies to show to our students. So I rented Cloverfield, which was PG-13. All of the offensive material was cut out, it was great. Now granted they could not cut out all the violence or you would not have movie, because Cloverfield is about a monster attacking New York City. But we all enjoyed it and I think the students liked it also. The only down side would be it you picked a movie with a lot of language most of your movie would be muted.

ClearPlay offers most of the popular movies and some TV shows. They also will not offer a filter for a movie that they would have to cut so much you could not understand the story line. Overall I really enjoyed this product and am looking to get one for myself and my forthcoming youth room. The DVD players start at under $70, about the price of a mid-range player today. A monthly membership is required to download filters, but at $8 it is a good deal or you can pre-pay for a year for under $80. If you are like me and enjoy movies, but not all the junk then check out the ClearPlay DVD Player.

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