Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Resolutions 1-6

The first six resolutions were passed.

1. Was on appreciation. This is the standard resolution on appreciation to Indy and all that helped.

2. On celebrating the growing ethnic diversity of the SBC. This is a step the right direction. Anything we can do to increase diversity in our churches is a good thing.

3. In celebrating of Israel's 60th anniversary.

4. On affirming the use of the term Christmas in public life.

5. On political engagement. This one is long and encompasses a lot, too much to get into right now.

6. On regenerate church membership and church member restoration. This one took awhile. It was amended twice. Both times to include stronger language. One of the times to include a section on corporate repentance. I would have voted for it in its original form, but I have a problem with corporate repentance that comes from a resolution and not the peoples hearts by a movement of God. I voted against it only because of the last amendment. But it didn't matter. Of course resolutions like this don't really mean much unless the pastor or church wants to do something about it, so probably not much will happen.

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