Saturday, June 07, 2008

Indiana Flooding - Convention Implications?

I am sending my first post via email, typing on my pda's tiny keypad.

Currently I am crammed in a church van coming back from Indy on I-65 to Evansville via Louisville. We went to Indy to do some block parties for Indy Crossover. This morning we got dumped on, I heard that we got 10 in in a matter of a couple of hours. Indy and the surrounding areas are in a state of emergency. I-65 north was closed and I-70 was also closed with a detour around the flooded area. We must have seen a hundred State Police. I heard that they were shutting down Edinburgh and the towns around. The exit south of Edinburgh was completely under water. I wonder was this will do to the convention. I am traveling back to Indy tomorrow if the roads are open. If you are traveling any road to Indy check the road closure report over at

Also please pray for these poor people that are flooded tonight. See you at the convention hopefully.

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