Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Who is the Livng Church of God?

Yesterday, I expressed my deepest sympathy for the families of the church shooting. I continue to pray for the families of the affected people. However, this event has prompted me to research the Living Church of God, which is the domination of the church where this tragedy took place.

The Living Church of God is one that is referred to by many organizations as a cult. Whether they are or not, their beliefs are outside of the realm of normal conservative Christian theology. Many rumor are circling this event, including that the reason Terry Ratzmann committed this crime was because he recently lost his job because he refused to work on Saturday, one of the foundational teaching of the LCG. They still hold to many of the old Jewish customs including all the major feast and all the Sabbath rules.

I am sure that much more information will come out before this case is over. I simply want to provide information for anyone with questions about the LCG. To see a brief history and theology of the LCG check out the links below.

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