Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Save Terri Schiavo II

I am writing on this subject again, because I can not believe that people all over the country, some in congress, are clamoring for Terri to die. This is a person’s life we are talking about.

Recent news had broken of a nurse Carla Iyer that attended Terri for over a year. During that time she saw many improvements in Terri’s condition including movement, recognition of people, and even words being spoken. However, this was not known because Michael Schiavo and possibly another nurse had the reports erased. She accuses Michael of making comments about wishing she would die and what he would do with the money he would get when she died. She even recalls times when Terri’s blood sugar would be unusually low after Michael visited and once found insulin concealed in the trash.

All the evidence that this women brings forward begs the question, what are Michael’s motives? Was he the one that caused the initial heart failure that put her in this condition? Their must be an investigation as to why the original accident happened.

There are so many rumors going around right now. It is hard to tell who is right and who is wrong. One argument still stands that has not been answered. When a person is on death row, we do not kill them even if there is a small chance the person is innocent, why now are people rushing to kill Terri. She is not a criminal. She is not brain dead. She is a living breathing woman that responds and even speaks words to people. Please join the fight to keep Terri alive.

Find out how at http://www.terrisfight.net/

For the news story about Carla Iyer check out:

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