Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my very first blog entry. Recently, I have become convinced that I need to keep a blog. I am a big fan of Hugh Hewitt, who encourages all people to start and maintain a blog. This blog is probably more for myself than anyone else, but if you do happen to come across it, I hope you find it helpful and entertaining. You can expect to find subjects from my daily life discussed here. I am a youth pastor in northwest Indiana. However, I am originally from Arkansas and spent most of my life growing up in Kentucky. Since I am a Christian my passion for Jesus supersedes all else in my life. Most of my blogs will be thoughts from my daily bible readings, but I also will discuss moral issues, movies, television, politics, and other subjects from my daily life. I look forward to writing this blog daily and hope any readers will be gracious as this process is new to me.

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