Sunday, March 20, 2005

Save Terri Schiavo

The issue revolving around Terri Schiavo is a major one for all Christians. I believe God has charged us will helping and protecting those that can not help themselves. In the Bible Jews and Christians were charged with caring for orphans, widows, and foreigners. Terri Schiavo is in trouble, while she can not speak for herself, her parents remain convinced that Terri would have wanted to live. If the parents want to take care of her and require no help from her "husband" then why are people trying so hard to kill her?

Now Congress is stepping in and intervening, usually I would not want the government to take over and make a decision for the state, in this case Florida is not right. When a person is on death row they have appeal after appeal in which the inmate will sit for years and years before he or she is killed. There is no reason to be in such a hurry to end this woman's life.

I believe that Congress is right to try to save Terri and I stand with our President in stepping in on this state issue. Write your senators and representatives to encourage them to take action and please continue to pray for her and her family.

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