Tuesday, July 26, 2005

No More Anonymous Comments...

I have taken back the ability for people to make anonymous comments. I first wanted anyone and everyone to be able to comment. I was hoping they would at least give a name or title when they made a comment, but I have found that people like to making anonymous comments because it keeps them from being responsible for their comments. I don't like the fact that people must join blogger to make a comment, but anonymous comments bug me more.

On a side note, I received an anonymous comment (consequently, I deleted it) saying that I had problems with my grammar. I want to get some feed back from you guys out there in the blogosphere, should a blog be polished and correct in every way or should it be a person's thoughts free from the normal constraints of grammar. This particular commenter made the claim that by having bad grammar in my posts, I am making all youth pastors look bad. What do you think?


Jaws said...

Who are we to judge something as silly as grammer when Jesus made Saul, Paul.

Jesus came before Saul in a vision after his death. Saul a man who was hunting down Jesus's people. If Jesus could speak to such a man and have him to preach his word to his followers.. Saul to Paul.. I doubt some grammer issue would bother Jesus.

Howie Luvzus said...

I think there are those who wish to "write off" Christians (especially Baptists) as ignorant and illiterate. One way to validate their stereotype is to pepper your blog with grammatical errors. Spelling errors are easy to correct by typing your entry in a word processing program first.

Another reason to make sure that your grammar is correct is that as ministers of the gospel we are called to communicate effectively and in a professional manner. If my physician did not have a command of the English language, I’d find another one! Why should someone who devotes his or her life to such a sacred calling as the ministry be any less committed?

Everyone makes occasional mistakes. And I promise that I’m not trying to be critical. I just think it’s important for those in ministry to try to be more professional.

Ex. Calling all Baptist-Calling all Baptists / I am making all youth pastor look bad-I am making all youth pastors look bad /

I appreciate your blog-especially the Harry Potter post.



Jaws said...

I still wouldn't worry about it to much. Southern accents are looked apon as being dumb, slow, low IQs and not taught to speak properly. (No I am not saying I think this! lol) Does that person make them a bad witness? Absolutely not! In some ways some one who has more of a human error touch about them and less uptight make people feel more comfortable to talk with you.

Have you seen how a doctor fills out his prescription? Can you read that mess? I know I can't but many of them have saved my life. If you couldn't read or write could your witness to me save my life? Absolutely Eternally!

But what do I know..LOL I am a stay at home mom who gets judged all the time.

John Cowart said...

Hi Youth Guy,


Jaws recommended your site to me this afternoon.

Regarding our human desire to appear slick to our peers via proper grammar, dress, or even Bible knowledge, the Scripture that comes to my mind is Acts 4:13

“They saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marveled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus”.

I think we should strive to be able to present Christ to English professors as well as grave diggers. That’s reasonable service.

But the important thing is for us to be with Jesus. Without His presence what do our words, or our grammar, or even our lives matter?

JTapp said...

I don't have hours to spend proofreading my blog, and neither do you, so don't worry about it.

My real problem is that I've commented on your posts, but you've never responded to my comments or even responded to my "Hi," even though we haven't seen eachother in years.

(You did link me, which was nice though).

Keep keepin' it real.