Monday, August 01, 2005

Goodbye Daisy...

Today is a very sad day for Kristi and me. As you may already know we took in a stray cat that had a litter of kittens. I had to take Cindy, the mother, to the vet today and I decided to take one of the kittens, Daisy, with me. Daisy was the first born and did not have a tail. I wanted to get her checked out because she did not see to have all the right equipment. My suspicions were confirmed by the vet, she did not have a way to expel her solid waste from her body. This birth defect would cause an infection and eventually cause a painful death. The only humane option was to have her put down. This was very sad for Kristi and me because we have become very attached to the kittens over the past two weeks. So, I guess as a way of coping with the event I am writing about it. You may think I am over-reacting since it was after all only a cat, but our pets sometimes become more than pets and often times we view them as family members. All I can say now is goodbye Daisy, we will not forget you.

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