Monday, February 25, 2008

What I Am Listening To

I like to pass on what I am listening to so others can enjoy it. Here is what I am listening to right now:
I am a huge Jack Johnson fan. I especially liked his last album, but this album is very different from. Don't expect as many catchy tunes, this album has fun parts but is much deeper. It took me several listens to really like it, but now I feel this is his best album yet. Favorite songs: Monsoon, They Do, They Don't, and Hope.

I took the students from my church to Winter Jam Tour here in Evansville and we all agreed Skillet was definitely the highlight. I remember them from back in the day, but don't remember them rocking out like they did. I bought the album, which is from 2006, and have loved it. It definitely rocks. Favorite songs: Rebirthing, The Last Night, and Whispers in the Dark.

I, like many people, loved the song on the Old Navy commercial about "giving you my sweater". I looked up the artist and was very surprised by the album. The sweater song (The Way I Am) is not like the rest of the album, each track for the most part is very different. This is probably the best indie album I have heard. The songs are well written, performed, and produced. I love this album. She also got a lot of play on Grey's Anatomy last season, but don't hold that against her. Favorite songs: Die Alone, Starting Now, The Way I Am, and Overboard.

I bought this album not knowing much about the band, but I was looking for some good music to give away as prizes. I went the Christian book store to listen and was very surprised. It seems this band has been very subdued in the past (I found the album in the soft rock section), but on this album they rock. There are several slower more worshipful songs, but a couple really rock. I like this album very much, definitely worth checking out. Favorite songs: Turn on the Lights, We Need Each Other, and Legacy.

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Wes said...


Long time no comment. I am a big Sanctus Real fan. They're first 2 albums are the best, though. The slow songs on the new album are pretty good, I agree.

Hope all is well with you and the family.