Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dead or Not Dead?

Is this blog dead, probably! Should I try to revive it? Probably not because I usually get excited about these things once in a while then I get to busy and forget about them. However, I would like to continue it, I think I need to get some sort of focus. Maybe I will make it focused on ministry or maybe on just personal junk, I dunno? I am going to think about it over the next few days and try to reinvent it and keep it going. If you read this, congrats you are probably the only one, so THANKS.

I did buy the new Sanctus Real Album today and it is awesome. The first song rocks, and the rest is really good. Check it out.

Anyway, check back again because you might find something useful. And, by the way for all you perfectionist, I am not going to proof read this, I just posting it because I hate proof reading. If there are mistakes then deal with it.

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