Friday, September 23, 2005


See You At The Pole was a huge success this year. Our students have not really done this event in the past, so to have many of our own students’ participating was very exciting. For those that don't know, SYATP was started in the mid-90's. Students from all over the country gather around their schools flagpoles to pray for their schools, teachers, and peers. While this event is huge in southern states like Texas and Kentucky it is not well known in the north. The students at our church attend one of seven schools in the area. I was so excited to see 140 students at those different schools. Most of the 140 go to other churches, but about 3/4 of our youth group was involved.

Student often get stereo-typed as just wanting to have fun and not wanting to have anything to do with spiritual activities. Often youth pastor's give into that and only plan fun events with little or not spiritual component. I was very glad to see our students step up for an event that was based around the spiritual act of prayer. They didn't have to be involved, but they took a stand for God this past Wednesday. This is a lesson for all youth pastors including myself, students can be excited about spiritual activities. Students don't want dumb-downed Christianity; they want to be challenged and stretched.

Well, I am off to the next event, Bible Fear Factor. Do you think the students will eat locust and wild honey?

Click here for SYATP pics from the schools in Lake County.

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