Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Home Groups

Our church is making a move to home groups. We are making this change for two reasons. First, space (I know, this is a really bad reason to do home groups). Second, I have read Andy Stanley's book Creating Community and feel like he has the right idea. We want to create a sense of community better than we have in Sunday School. We want this community to be one of fellowship, support, and most importantly studying God's Word.

My question is to those that have been apart of a Home Group that was either successfully or unsuccessfully...

1. How does it work with the kids; what do you do during the home groups and Sunday Morning?

2. What do you do with the students?

3. If the students are in a Home Group then how have the parents handled the transportation issues?

4. What are some things to look out for? What are some things that we must do?

5. What are some good resources that can be used to training and teaching the principles of a Home Group?

Any helpful information from anyone that has started or has been in a church that did or does Home Groups would be helpful.


J&A said...
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J&A said...

Gotcher, we have been involved in home groups on and off, depending on our situation and our location, since last July. It has been a learning experience, but a helpful one. Most of the folks in our organization are convinced of the home group model.
I'd be glad to share with you my insights, but don't want to take up a whole page with my comments, so I'll send you an email. Could you change our link, since we finally got with the program and started using blogger? Blessings, J

JTapp said...

I've seen some good home groups, and some bad home groups. Used to be, SBCers would say that you'll have 90% of your worship attendance in Sunday School (ie: on-campus), but only 20% in Home Groups. I saw that stat true at Ed Young Jr's church.
The best model I've seen is here in Waco where they do SS AND home groups. A large amount of the SS body is attending the home group too.
The home groups I've seen in SBC churches only get slightly deeper or personal than they would in a SS setting.

There's one church here in Waco that's doing rapidly-reproducing cell model stuff, that also has about 80% of their worship attendance in home groups. But, the home groups are very worshipful, and all about accountability. They also reproduce quickly, and move overseas too. It's pretty challenging in this area, but probably the only church in the country like it.