Tuesday, September 13, 2005

September - Blog of the Month

And the Blog of the Month goes to............
Wes Cooper with his Cooperstown blog. I have known Wes for many years, he grew up being friends with my brother. What can I say this guys is amazing: student, movie star, all around great guy. I am so proud even though I didn't have a thing to do with his growing up. You will enjoy his blog because he his extremely funny, especially if you have lived in Lexington or have gone to Porter Memorial Baptist Church or are a UK fan. And if you have all this in your past like me, then it is hilarious. Check him out and be prepared to laugh.

Take a bow Wes and accept your fake award. (Standing Ovation of 1)


Wes said...

Thanks for the award bro....you can't see me right now but I am crying my eyes out :)

SMITTY said...

what about me playa...wes wasn't in your wedding