Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stop Global Cooling!!!

It seems we now don't have to worry about Global Warming. We need to focus on Global Cooling. That's right scientist now think we are in period of cooling and have been for the last year. So, I am calling on all people to increase your carbon footprint. Yes, you heard me right, go out there and make greenhouse gases, burn your trash, buy a huge diesel SUV, do whatever you can to pollute. If we act now we might just be able to balance this period of cooling out.

Hopefully, you know I am saying all of this tongue in cheek. But come on, I am tired of all this overblown worrying about Global Warming and our carbon footprints. Their still is no proof that Global Warming is a fact. We just had one of the coldest winters ever, and it appears that the Northern Hemisphere has been colder then in years past.

So what are we do, isn't Global Warming just a fact like Evolution is a fact. No, don't fall for the environmentalist propaganda. Now don't get me wrong, of course we should conserve the environment. Anything we can do to not destroy the environment is good. I am fan of recycling and hybrid vehicles (mainly for the better gas mileage). But it all has gone a bit wacky when you have to buy green credits to offset your carbon footprint. I don't believe that we can affect the environment in any major way. I believe that God is sovereign over his creation. I also believe that he knew what kind of technology and industry we would build, so none of this is a surprise. No matter what I don't think we can do anything to control the climate, we are at the mercy of God. So, if you really want to save the environment start praying to the only one (and I don't mean Al Gore) that can do something about it.

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