Friday, May 30, 2008

Lost 4x13 There's No Place Like Home Part 2 Reaction

I first want to say that this episode was amazing. It was the best episode ever. It answered a lot of question and gave us bunch more. I will try just to hit the highlights and hope this doesn't get to long.

In this episode we see the man of Science (Jack) and the man of Faith (John) collide. John wants Jack to stay on the Island and join him. Jack refused once again, so John ask him to lie about the Island. At first Jack doesn't think it is a good idea, but he changes his mind along the way and by the end of the episode he tells everyone to lie. However I don't understand why Jack denies that Locke moved the Island, when clearly it was gone. By the way I hate Locke more than ever, he is a huge wienie in this episode. I mean Ben is basically giving him the Island and the Others and he still asked in his dopey way, "What do I tell them to do?". He is such a goober. Whenever Locke and Ben go down into the Orchid it looks like for a minute that Jack is envious. I don't know if I read that wrong, but I sensed that he wanted to go with them.

I have to say that the Others are amazing at stealth and fighting. They took out Keamy (well almost) and his men. But the best fight of all was Sayid and Keamy. Sayid rocks. The best line of the night was delivered after the fight was over when Kate asked Ben, "We can the island...that's it?" and Ben answers, "That's It". That was priceless, Kate couldn't believe it after all this that Ben would just let them go. Another weird line was when Miles was talking to Charlotte about her "getting back to the Island" and Miles says, "What do I mean?" He is turning into one of my favorite characters. I guess that Charlotte was born on the Island, probably a Dharma baby. Maybe she holds the key to babies being born on the Island, because she tells Daniel she is looking for her birth place.

We learned a lot down in the Orchid station, no thanks to the Dharma video. That was lame that video rewound automatically. But we did finally learn that Ben doesn't care about anyone else but him self when he killed Keamy. I started to think over the last few episodes that he was turning over a new leaf, but no dice. He is as cruel as ever. Cruel, but awesome with that black stick, I want one!

One burning question is my mind is what is going to happen to Daniel, he was in the raft with the log carrying people. They showed him as the Island was moving, but not afterward. Was he close enough to the Island to be taken with it? Also what happened to Rose and Bernard, I didn't see them on the freighter or on Daniel's boat. I assume they are still on the Island.

On the most sad note, I though Saywer was pretty awesome in this episode. He jumped off the helicopter to save everyone and swam back to the Island only to be greeted by Juliet, do I sense a future love connection? But I do wonder what he asked Kate to do for him? I guess we will find though out next season. I was also sad that Jin died. I wish they would have keep him alive, and who knows this is lost, no one really dies so maybe we will see him again. I also wonder what the significance of Christian Shepard was when he appeared to Michael before the boat exploded. Well at least Michael is as rest now.

One thought that I had on Ben vs. Locke as leaders is that Ben might want Locke to be the leader because he knows he is going to mess up and eventually he can get back to the leader. I know that he said the man that moves the Island can never get back, but I wonder if he just said that. We know that Ben is a liar and patient man.

The best moment of the night was the Desmond and Penny reunion. That was amazing. I am so glad that they had a happy ending. But now he has to go into hiding, I assume from Charles Widmore.

is the one trying to kill or silence or keep tabs on the Oceanic 6? The best of the flash forwards was obviously the last scene. When Jack breaks in to the funeral home and Ben shows up. We learn that Locke is the one in the Coffin (I was wrong, I thought is was going to be Walt). We also learned that Locke visited at least Hurley, Kate, and Jack and probably Sun and As far as flash forwards in this episode it was weird that Walt thinks his dad is still alive and Hurley didn't tell him different. I also thought that the Sun vs. Widmore scene was awesome and I think we are going to she a huge corporate showdown in the future. I wonder if WidmoreSayid also to get them to return to the Island. Why? Because "bad things happened" after they left and for some reason it is Jack's fault. It is amazing that Ben at one time said he can't go back to the Island, but now it seems like it is no big deal for him to go back. Jack seems okay with wanting to go back, however he is uneasy with the idea of taking Locke, maybe he knows he will come back as a ghost on the Island. Ben already has Jack, Sayid, and Hurley. But how will he get Kate/Aaron, and Sun? I think Locke is the proverbial loser, he probably caused the bad stuff to happen because he is a bad leader and that is why he ended up dead. I wonder though how he got off the Island? Anyway, great episode. I can't wait until next year.

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