Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Yet he cannot bring himself to ask, “Is this thing, this idol that I’m holding in my hand, a lie?” Isaiah 44:20b

Isaiah the prophet was given many messages by God. One of the main messages was for Israel to turn from worshipping idols and turn back to God. This text in Isaiah 44:14-20 tells a story of a man that cuts down a tree, uses some of the wood to cook his food and heat his house; the other part is used to carve an idol that becomes the man’s god. Isaiah points out that this idol was created by the man who is praying to it. How can a created god help the maker? This block of wood was from the same tree that cooked the food, how is it special?

In today’s time we might say this is complete foolishness, look at this idiot that creates an idol and worships it. But we should not be so quick to call him stupid; we too worship idols in our time. They are not carved out of wood, but rather other people. Today our focus is on those around us. Instead of worshiping God, our boyfriends or girlfriends receive all our praise. Students plaster their room with posters of music artist, TV and movie stars. These things take the place of God in our lives, we learn about the people, we imitate the people, and some even pray to these people. (I, know sounds far fetched, but true)

We also must listen to Isaiah’s warning and worship only God. Nothing should come before our relationship with God. Ask yourself today, “What in my life is an idol?” “Is this created thing a lie?”

Read chapter 44 of Isaiah:;

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