Monday, July 03, 2006

XXXChurch and Dr. Mohler

I am a fan of XXXChurch. Read my previous post for information (XXXChurch Good or Bad and Porn Industry: Behind the Scenes). I am also a fan of Dr. Mohler and for long time I wondered what Mohler would think about XXXChurch. Now I have the answer.

Video of Mohler on ABC World News and ABC New Article
Mohler's Radio Show on XXXChurch
Mohler's Blog on XXXChurch
XXXChurch Blog on Mohler

Dr. Mohler and the XXXChurch guys are not mad at each other, in fact I think from what I have read and heard; they have a good deal of respect for one another. However it is clear that Dr. Mohler does not agree with the methods that the XXXChurch are using to reach people.

What do you think, are their methods appropriate? Should Christians be so bold as to go to a Porn Show to witness? Is their a problem today with the way Christians minister and witness? Are we to bold and strategic enough?

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SMITTY said...

After much thought, I think I still sit on the fence with this issue...all I do know is that I couldn't do it.