Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Common Sense Media

As some of you might know I am always looking for new websites to check media content. I believe Christians should experience secular media (Movies, Music, TV, Video Games, Books, etc.). But we must check to content of the media first. I have found a really good website: Common Sense Media. This website is not a Christian website, but does offer some very good articles on most popular media. Check it out and give me names of other sites that rate media. I have compiled a list over at our student website, Clinestudents.org.

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J&A said...

Good work Gotch. I checked it out and that's a really great site. I thought I might add a few other sites I have found helpful when trying to get info on movies that are coming on TV or are in theaters over here. At yahoo movies they have a section called Movie Mom's Reviews http://movies.yahoo.com/mv/moviemom/

And another helpful site may be
ScreenIt.com, but it seems like they are a subscriber site. However, if you use the Movie Review Query Engine www.mrqe.com, they often have a non subscriber link to screen it.com's review.

On another note, it looks like your convention meeting has a great line up.

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